Monday, October 25, 2010

Got the OK to Swim Again!

It's been awhile since I made a blog entry!

Me at the bike start in Kona.
The trip to Kona to watch Ironman and be involved with the event as a coach was great! It's so inspirational and motivating to witness the event in person.  We also videotaped footage for the next On the Road Virtual training dvd, Kona Training Ride.  You can see some of the footage here,
If all goes well, it'll be ready by February or March 2011.

Last week, I had my 8 week post surgery x-ray to assess the healing progress of my pinned and plated collarbone. The doc said it's doing well and gave me the go-ahead to start swimming. I started on Friday of last week with a set of slllloooowww 4x250. It was NOT pretty, let me tell ya!  (actually , even when I'm in shape it's not pretty:).  My collarbone felt fine but the arms were like uncoordinated limbs of cement. The 2 fractured ribs were tender, but not horrible. I followed that workout with a straight 1250 yd swim on Saturday, and started getting a feel for the water, averaging about a 1:33/100 yd pace, just swimming steady.  It's amazing how fast you can lose sport specific conditioning.  With only about 3 weeks or so of swim training left before IMAZ, I'm a little nervous about the 2.4 miles, but think with a wetsuit might be able to fake it enough to make it! My cycling and run fitness is good, but certainly not where I would have wanted it or where it was pre-bike crash. Oh well, that's life I guess... I'm just thankful to even be able to toe the line after thinking my season was over just about 9 weeks ago when I slammed at high speed into the Leadville Trail 100 dirt!

We recently released our latest additions to the Spinervals cycling competition series. 36, 37 and 38 have been selling briskly.  A portion of the income from these titles go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project too... so that's very cool.  Go here to learn more and see video clips of these new titles,
We've also released our new Bodyworks MD Video, The Hip.

If you read this, I hope that you are doing well and training well, transitioning to your Fall/Winter training schedule.

Best wishes,
Coach Troy


  1. Hope the recovery continues well


  2. Go for it, Coach Troy! Hey, years ago a friend gave me one of your swimervals videos. Did you train on that machine for your rehab? I also can't get to the water because of a recent bike crash and wondered if that would help.

  3. Hey Troy! Congrats on your release to swim! I just finished a century that I tried for 2 previous years to complete, but due to a shoulder injury, I could not. Surgery in Jan made it possible and pain free. HURRAY! Rehab makes all the difference and stubborn determination...I know you have that too! Good luck and keep us posted!