Thursday, February 9, 2012

Icing on the Cake: Super6 Phase II - Strength & Speed:

Super6 - Phase II, Strengh & Speed:  Starts Mon. Feb. 13th, 2012

You have endured 6 weeks of focused training, day after day after day.  Your legs are tired but you can see the muscle definition, your pants fit a little looser, you sleep better at night and your power output is up anywhere from 5-10% since the start of the New Year. Even your spouse has said how you look 5 years younger.  Life is good and your hard work is paying off! Now, R U ready for the icing on the cake??!

In Spinervals Super6 - Phase I, you developed your base with a focus on aerobic zone intensity training intermixed with some threshold and muscular endurance work.  Super6 - Phase II, takes a slightly different approach with a focus of more intensity along with lower overall volume. Both programs incorporate suggestions for cross-training workouts, either in the form of run sessions for the triathlete or other non-impact 'cardio' for non-triathletes.  I even threw in a couple swim workouts this time in week three "just for giggles"  for triathletes... but for specific triathlon training plans, be sure to check out our other offerings at

Remember, this program is cycling focused and is designed to bring your bike legs into competition form... so triathletes will need to add swim and run training per their individual needs. Touring cyclists and everyone doing the plan for improved overall fitness should do the extra workouts within their limitations.   

Following is a list of the workouts from the Spinervals Video Series that are recommended for this plan.    Click HERE to view our online shopping cart area for descriptions and to purchase these titles. Please remember that members of automatically receive 20% OFF on all DVD purchases.

8.0 - Recovery and Technique
11.0 - Big Gear Strength
12.0 -Recharge
13.0 - Tough Love
14.0 - Totally Time Trial
16.0 - Aero Base Builder I
17.0 - Aero Base Builder II
19.0 - Bending Crank Arms
20.0 - The Sprinting Machine
22.0 - Time Trialapalooza
25.0 - Aero Base Builder, Compilation
27.0 - Threshold Test
30.0 - Muscular Endurance PLUS
31.0 - Endurance Booster
34.0 - Super High Intensity
35.0 - Cycling Tech Focus
36.0 - Warrior Training
38.0 - Develop Technique / Power
39.0 - Aerobic Base, 10K Feet
40.0 - Have Mercy, Part III
41.0 - Ascending Mountains
Team Sports Vol's I and II

Buy these DVDs for 20% off by joining our Team.

To review and begin Phase II of the Spinervals Super6, you'll need to register for a free account, linked to me.  If you already have an account from doing the original Super6 (or other programs), you can register for Super6 Phase II by clicking HERE and following the instructions.  Please contact support at with any technical programs when using their website. 

When the Super6 Program is completed, you'll be ready to tackle competition level events with a high level of fitness across the ENTIRE intensity spectrum.  Your goal at that point should be to maintain your hard earned fitness, as well as refine your training to focus on your specific event(s).  Again, we can help you with that through our one on one (1:1) coaching services and other trainingpeaks based training plans.

I hope you are enjoying the program so far and like your results. I so much look forward to visiting the Spinervals Facebook page each day and seeing training related comments, motivation and inspiration from everyone.  Thanks for your energy and for using this program to accomplish your personal athletic and fitness goals!

Good luck and train safe.

Coach Troy

p.s. A couple quick reminders. The training plan is FREE, but the workouts are not.  Borrow them from a training buddy or buy them from us or from an authorized dealer.  Also, check with your doctor before starting this or any serious exercise program. You'll be training very hard at times at your own risk, so maintain good health and listen to your body. Best of luck.


  1. I'm in. I did the Dec. challenge and did some other stuff now in Jan. But back on for this next one. I had this major letdown the day after the "Century" ride. I was already missing it! Can't wait to get started.

  2. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Coach Troy!

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