Monday, February 6, 2012

Here's How To Train Harder on the Bike for Faster Splits

Training for Ironman in a smart and efficient manner is more than just logging lots of miles.  To race effectively and near your potential, you need to incorporate a steady diet of threshold work too in order to 'raise the ceiling' and enable a faster pace across the entire intensity spectrum.

In this short video, I talk about threshold training on the bike and why it's important to also 'monitor the gauges' and listen to your body.  And while I like my athletes doing some of their quality work on the roads, I really feel that trainer work is even more effective in getting the most bang for the buck.   We have a number of solid LTHR workouts in the Spinervals series, but two of my current favorites include:

22.0 - Time Trialapalooza
36.0 - Warrior Training

Both are pace based sessions that simultaneously boost your tolerance to increasing intensity while also teaching you to pace yourself more effectively. "Burning matches" too fast in these workouts quickly and painfully teaches you pacing discipline.  Here's a good example of a set for you to try:

W/up 15-20 minutes
3 x 10 min. LTHR (80-85 rpms) @ 3 min. recovery (NOTE: try to build intensity for each 10 min. rep.  Start the first 10 min. rep at just below threshold. Push the second rep a little harder and then let it all hang out for rep #3.  Try not to allow for power to decline on rep #3, and you've done a good job of pacing yourself through reps #1 and #2.)
Cooldown 15-20 min.

Once or twice a week during your in-season training phase, be sure to add LTHR workouts into your routine and you'll see significant improvements in your bike split as well as increased energy reserves for a faster run time.

Good luck!
-Coach Troy

p.s. The Spinervals Super6 - Phase II, Strength & Speed Program starts Feb. 13th. It's free and builds on your early season base development. Visit our FB page to learn more and to download the plan.

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