Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Take the Hard Road

A Familiar sight? A tire on the roller of your trainer. 5 am.  Click into the pedals and start to warm up with a slow spin. Ah yes, another indoor workout is about to take place on the road to nowhere.   Love it.

Pop in your Spinervals DVD workout or turn on the TODAY show. Get your water bottles ready. Turn on your fan. Put the clean, downy fresh towel on your handlebars.  Shut the door. Tell the family you're to be uninterrupted for the next hour and get the work done.  Day in, day out... 5-7 days a week. Why do you suffer like this -  both mentally and physically? Because it's who you are and it's what leads you down the path towards your goals.... whatever they may be.  Take pride in it... you are unique and special... in the top 1%. Most people think you're nuts, but you know that's not the case.  Someone, somewhere, is training more and harder than you are... in the sunshine, and you know it.  Actually, the naysayers are nuts for living a life of mediocrity and without any physical suffering. They take it easy everyday and live in the illusion of comfort while you take the hard road... everyday... with a strange sense of pleasure, because you know it makes you better.

Get up early and get on it.

Coach Troy

The Official Coach of Ironman and head Triathlon coach of Life Time Fitness, follow the coach on Twitter and Facebook


  1. So true!! Except I'll usually pop in a movie. But otherwise, I love to think about all the people who are still sleeping or who would (and have or will) call(ed) me "crazy." But when I come home with that medal or reach that new PR, every early morning is worth the time put in.

  2. No Need for 5A M but some training everyday keeps me from going crazy! :)

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