Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spinervals Challenge Update #4 | Testing Day

Anyone need some videos for the Challenge? I've got a box or two sitting around the house. :)

Hey, day one is over for many and the Threshold test is now history. Tough? Still want to do this? Still have me on your Christmas list?  I bet it was hard, especially if you have not done any threshold intensity training lately.  Use it or lose it, as the old saying goes.  And now that you're starting to use it again, let's build on that momentum!

Tomorrow's workout is an old favorite, Spinervals 16.0 - Aero Base I. This zone 2 (aerobic intensity) workout should be comfortable while burning some calories and building your aerobic energy system. It's a good 'recovery' workout to the high intensity test you took today! Remember to stay in that aerobic base zone, which for many the upper ceiling is about 10% below the average HR you posted for your 20 min. Test (i.e. Avg. HR of 150 bpm means the upper limit to your zone 2 is around 135 bpm).  It's comfortable and sustainable for long periods of time.

We have some great blog posts going too!  See how your fellow Spinervals Challengers are doing! Here's one from Michelle  and one from Jeff.  And of course, here's a video from our friend in Australia, JR, (Click HERE), as he does his test.  Also, great job to everyone who is posting their results and encouraging words on our FB page, like Brigitta, Len, Tim, James, Sheryl, Roger, Shane, Alan, Gina, Ken and Christine, to name a few.  Please continue to actively participate as it keeps everyone accountable to do better.  Overall, awesome work... only 30 more days to go. ;-)

Get these workouts done... one day at a time.  Let's achieve the goal of completing the Challenge! You can do it!

Train well,
Coach Troy


  1. Great to hear your encouragemnt Troy, thats what it is all about! Good on ya mate!

  2. I already have checked my computer to make sure I'm charged up, and have my DVD sitting on top of the DVD player so I'm ready to go bright and early tomorrow morning!!!!

    Thanks for the link Troy - it is going to be fun blogging about the experience all month!

  3. Updated my blog for Day 5 of Challenge.