Monday, February 1, 2010

Awesome Multisport Expo in Wisconsin!

This weekend, we at Spinervals Cycling sponsored the Great Lakes Multisport Cycling and Running Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was there to be part of and support this second year event. I must say, I was very happy with the event organization and overall experience as an exhibitor and a fan of multisport!

It was estimated that over 4000 people came to the Wisconsin Fairgrounds to attend the expo. A few dozen vendors were there, including wetsuit and race wheel brands, local retailers, various manufacturers and others. Seminars were offered throughout by various coaches and other experts on everything from proper bike fit concepts to swim training technique. On Sunday morning, there was a 5K road race that took athletes over the 1 mile race track at the fairgrounds. I highly recommend you attend in 2011 if you live in the upper mid-west region... it'll really boost your motivation for the new season.

Personally, I really like attending these expos. It's hard work and requires a lot of time away from home (which I hate), but it really lets me 'connect' with our customers by getting some face time, shaking hands and by giving me an opportunity to say 'thank you for using my products', in person. I greatly enjoy meeting folks who use my videos and come up to tell me stories about their training and racing. I also get a kick out of athletes who want me to autograph their DVDs or cycling jerseys... or want to get pictures with me. I'll never take it for granted that my DVDs have had such a positive influence on so many different people for a decade and a half now... it's humbling. Of course, it's also fun when people make fun of my various hair styles and clothing choices over the many years of doing these videos.... NOT!!! :)

I'll personally be at several expos in spring/summer 2010 including:
- April, NYC Multisport World Expo
- June, World Spinning Conference, Miami
- June, Eagleman 70.3
- July, Life Time Fitness Tri, MN
- August, Chicago Triathlon
- October, Dallas Triathlon

I hope that you'll stop by the booth and say 'hi'. Please, just don't make fun of the shorts I wore in Spinervals 6.0... after all, they were in fashion then! :)

Train smart,
Coach Troy

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  1. Hey Coach Troy - When are you coming to Colorado??? Or I should say northern CO...I know you were in CO Springs recenlty but you should come on up to Greeley/Windsor/Loveland area. We've got some great training routes with killer hills and awesome views of the front range (and the best micro brews around, including the infamous Fat Tire). We'd love to host one of your training camps too! Cindy