Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back in the Groove & Spinervals 100.0?

Getting back in the groove after my trip to Louisiana for the Strength & Conditioning conference and tri clinic. It was a great time ... I really enjoy giving clinics for small groups and interacting with athletes from different parts of the country. I've been conducting workshops, camps and clinics since 1995 and I can say with certainty that endurance athletes, as a whole, are the nicest people. Most everyone is energetic, focused and motivated to 'raise the bar' and achieve personal goals. Very cool!

Speaking of achieving personal goals, we recently released three new Spinervals workouts in the competition series... numbers 33, 34 and 35.0. One of my personal goals is to reach 50.0 over the next three or so years and 100.0 over the next 15 years! Another goal is to produce 'community' spinervals workouts in each region of the country. So far, we've done a ton in the Mid-Atlantic and upper Mid West, featuring athletes from those regions. I hope to broaden our scope over the next couple of years, hitting the south west and north east regions, as well as others.

As for training, the past 5 days have been pretty low key due to travel and other obligations. I hope to boost my training volumes this week, especially on the bike. Swimming? Well, to be honest, I have not been in the pool for quite some time... several weeks now in fact. On the bright side, I have been using my stretch cords for dryland swim training 4-5 days/week and feel myself getting stronger, so all is not lost. I know... get my butt in the pool! :)

Train Smart,
Coach Troy


  1. As a road warrior myself, I am usually on the road for the months of September through November. Thank goodness it is after the season.

    About the only training I get in when I am on the road is when I strap on my Garmin and run or when I am lucky enough to be in a community with a pool I can access. It is tough to be out on the road so much though -- you definitely lose your routine.

  2. If you ever want to do a clinic in Colorado, contact me! I'd love to help set one up - you have a huge fan club here in northern CO.

    And swimming...I feel your pain! I came into triathlon training with a running/biking background and have a very hard time getting motivated to swim (probably because I don't know how to swim well!). I try and I try and I still feel so uncoordinated. Its so much technique! That's why I like running - it's just left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot....

  3. Nice to see some things never change, like your aversion to water! Hey, don't you owe me some responses to questions?

  4. Hey Coach Troy! Thank you so much for coming all the way to Louisiana and putting on a tri-clinic!! Doing a Spinerval and seeing you on TV is one thing, but you about killed me in person! It was awesome!! If you ever want someone that really keeps it "simple", all the way down to her phone book front wheel riser, for one of your Spinervals...I know the perfect country girl from Mississippi for the job. :) Thanks again!! I loved it.

  5. Troy was one of the highest rated speakers at our conference. He is simply one of the best lecturers and clinical leaders I have been associated with (and I have been in the business for 24 years).

    Troy's presentation and Q&A session makes him one of the best in the business. I am fortunate that Troy would be so gracious as to come to Monroe, Louisiana to The Summit of Strength & Conditioning and Sports Medicine Leaders. He was chosen by our panel as the best of the best in his discipline...that is why he was invited.

    Troy lectured along side Strength & Conditioning legends Dr. Don Chu, Al Vermeil, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Al Miller, Saints Bill Johnson, Dr. Mike Stone, Johnny Parker, Barry Rubin and Darren Holmes. An all star cast of sports medicine giants included Dr. Allston Stubbs, Dr. Brett Cascio, Rob Panariello and Steve Antonopoulos.

    Am I biased because Troy is my coach and when I get well he will coach me again to another World Championship?? Yes. The Spinervals session he conducted was EXACTLY the intensity you see on his DVDs…what you see IS what you get.

    I encourage you to attend one of his training camps. If you are looking to improve your performance and get them most out of training (for competition or pleasure), Troy Jacobson is the only choice to make.