Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finding that Silver Lining

2010 is flying by already and we're already well into the month of March! Does anyone else feel the way I do... that the older I get, the faster time floats by? Hmmm...

I am 85% over my flu with but still a few lingering symptoms of feeling crappy. This is the worst case of sickness I've had since I can remember and I hope not to have a repeat performance anytime soon! As I look for the silver lining in this cloud, I do see one ... it makes me appreciate even more the times I feel really good. It's so easy to fall into the trap of feeling entitled to be able to use your body as an athlete and make it go further and faster in training and in racing. You can take it all so much for granted...until an injury or serious illness derails your health in an instant and all of a sudden, you go from being active to sedentary. It's a harsh reminder that we're all so vulnerable, no matter how 'fit' and 'healthy' we think we are.

I remember years ago I used to give pre-race talks to my athletes at Ironman events and one of the things I always pointed out to them was to have a sense of gratitude out there on the race course. That no matter how horrible they felt at times during the race, to be grateful they were able to use their bodies to take on the challenge... because it won't be this way forever. I think this concept resonates with all athletes who push themselves to their limits.

So, today I going to try and get out for a short bout of low intensity "post illness" training and start regaining my lost fitness, getting ready for my Tucson camp next week. I know I'll have a great appreciation today for my improved health and ability to ride my bike, if even very slowly at first.:)

Train smart,
Coach Troy


  1. Coach Troy, As a 45 year-old, I now appreciate when I am healthy much more than I did when I was younger (even one decade younger). I have a hate-love relationship with really tough, anerobic workouts for just that reason. I hate them because they really hurt, but I also love them because they let you know that you're still capable of really pushing yourself. It's funny that you put up this post today, because, on my tempo run this morning, I was thinking about how life is finite and I began to wonder how many year(s) I would be able to go for tempo runs.

    Here's to getting older with health, joy and grace.


  2. Thanks Coach Troy. This comes at a very good time for me. I hurt my back last year and continued to train anyway. Finally had to give in to physical therapy. It's frustrating to take the time off and heal. I'm grateful to now be able to run shorter distances and ride my local OV rides, but am looking forward to being able to riding on past the Biosphere soon! Thanks again.

  3. I think that I am at about the same place you are at with this "cold." I have had it since last thursday and am on day 7 of no training. The silver lining today was spending some time with family driving through the Elgin wine country (doing a little tasting), scouting out some open water swimming at Parker Canyon Lake and Patagonia Lake, and spending quality time in the car with my wife and two boys. It made the lack of exercise more bearable. Hopefully, I am well enough to get out and train this weekend.

  4. As I approach 49 and think about the two friends I lost to cancer in the last few years (both in their 40's), I am constantly reminded of the "silver lining" and just how darn lucky I am to not only be training for an Ironman, but to just be alive.