Friday, March 5, 2010

IRONMAN... Yeah!

A really quick post... I wanted to thank every one who has sent me notes privately to congratulate me on the selection as "Official Coach of Ironman". I really appreciate it! Thank you!

I'm really excited about this designation and consider it to be HUGE honor. I did my first Ironman 'distance' in 1990 and my first Ironman Hawaii in 1991 (About 15 IM's total, including 7 Kona's), so much of my 20's was spent totally immersed in the culture of Ironman. It really defined and shaped the person I am today, including my career as a triathlon coach since the early 1990's, the incredible friendship's I've made in the tri world and more. It's such a cool feeling to be associated with a brand/culture/concept that has meant so much to me over the years ... and has helped transformed the lives of so many others (like many of you!) for the better as you strive for personal excellence.

I'm really excited about helping people discover triathlon as a lifestyle sport and perhaps aspire to do IRONMAN as a long term super goal. I know at Life Time Fitness, we want to help people achieve personal fitness goals and IRONMAN can be part of that process. I'm also really fired up about continuing to help competitive athletes take it up a notch and beat a PB or maybe even get a slot to Kona!

Any way, enough of my dribble for now... I've got to go burn off some energy with a bike ride! See ya!

- Coach Troy


  1. congrats! now go swim! how about 10x400? :)

  2. A big congrats to you, Coach Troy! I can't think of anyone more qualified or more fun to listen to than you (although yesterday I felt differently while I suffered through Ride and Stride...).

    I'm training for my 2nd Ironman and trying to do the balancing act between working, parenting, and training at the same time.

    As a sports dietitian, I have the nutrition piece down fairly good but can't say I always get the training right, so I'll be following you all along the way. Just hope you don't eat too many Twizzlers...

  3. Congrats! You are most deserving!

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