Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Spinervals taped in Annapolis, Maryland

We have new Spinervals DVDs 'in the can'! These new titles, volumes 36 - 38.0 in the competition series, are scheduled to be released in October 2010.

We shot these new titles at the Annapolis Maritime Museum in Annapolis, Maryland. We were able to videotape outside, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The set was great, with a sunny day and boats off in the background.

The first workout featured Team 4Mil. This is a group of active military personnel who are doing RAAM (Race Across America) to support the Wounded Warrior Project. 10% of the revenues generated from this DVD goes to the cause. The focus of the workout was on threshold and building your TT pace.

The next video was one combining threshold and V02max training. It featured 34 athletes from the Annapolis Tri Club and the Annapolis Bike Racing Team, all wearing their team kits.

The last video was a combination technique and power development workout, again featuring athletes from the local cycling and tri communities.

Overall it was a great day and the athletes showed a lot of passion for cycling!

Our next videotaping takes place in mid-May in Las Vegas at Lake Las Vegas resort! We're partnering with Iron Girl to produce two new workout featuring Iron Girl racers. If you're interested in being selected to participate, send your bio to asap!

That's all for now.
Train smart!
Coach Troy

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