Monday, April 5, 2010

Reflecting back: 2010 Tucson Training Camps

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. We sure did... with incredible sunny and warm weather here in Tucson, my two girls enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs and finding their basket from the Easter Bunny. The rest of the weekend was relaxing, including some solid training with a 70 mile ride, a swim (yep, starting to get in the pool more often) and a run. I was hoping ole' EB would leave some goodies for yours truly... but no such luck this year. :)

Last week we finished up with our 2nd Tucson Camp of 2010. It was a great week with some awesome people. While camps are very busy and 'stressful' at times for me as the camp organizer (regarding the safety of the campers), they are also so much fun and rewarding... personally and professionally. For me, it's a point of contact as people I might coach via phone/internet are able to come out and train with me one on one. As a coach, I get a better sense of who the athlete is and what makes them tick, as well as what's needed to make them better as competitors. I also get a chance to meet Spinervals fans and spend time with them... getting feedback regarding the Spinervals series and how to improve it, as well as hear how the DVD's have helped them improve as athletes. It's especially cool when some people can quote certain, as they call them, 'troyisms' from the videos. Often quoted are "You'll pass out before you die." and "anyone can suffer for 10 seconds!". :)

Every year we try to do something different with camp and this year was no different. For example, we incorporated the option of running the half marathon or 5K into the program. We also increased our ride time up Mt. Lemmon to 2 hours, and in camp #2, did a brutal set of hill repeats one day. For next year... we have some new changes in the works, including a cycling-only camp for advanced riders (no TT bikes allowed!). Look for early bird registration to open soon for March 2011 Tucson training camps at and

Have a great week!
- Coach Troy

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