Monday, April 11, 2011

F-16 Flight Prep

Tomorrow is one of the scariest and most exciting days of my life.  I get to take a ride in an F-16 Fighter Jet! Today was pre-flight prep and training, including getting fit with my flight suit and going through 'egress training' (i.e. how to eject from the cockpit).

This morning I had to go through a medical clearance exam at Davis-Monthan Airforce Base. The Lt. who escorted me to the doctor's office was fantastic (as has everyone been in this process)... very professional with a good sense of humor.  He's hopeful to be a fighter pilot someday.  The nurse was great too and also had a great sense of humor.  I almost felt like people were looking at me and thinking, "you poor S.O.B. ... you have NO idea what you're getting in to.".  I must have heard from 5 different people to eat bananas in the morning since they taste the same coming back us as they did going down.  Nice.

After medical, we went to the Jet hangar area where I had the honor to meet the wing commander and the pilot who'll be flying the fighter.  I hope he liked me... my life is in his hands tomorrow, literally.  I hear the pilots have little side bets with each other for 'incentive flights' like mine, especially with civilians, to see how long it'll take them to get us to throw up and/or pass out.  Nice.  I'll be quick with both, i'm sure!

Next was to get fit for my flight suit, helmet and harness, followed by egress training in a cockpit simulator.  The seat can eject the rider 300 ft in the air and deploy a parachute all within 1.8 seconds, incredible! I hope I won't need to use my new ejection skills.

I am extremely excited but also equally as nervous. You see...I'm not a big fan of roller coasters and when turbulence starts to hit a commercial flight I'm on, I get a little green. Tomorrow , for me, is like taking on my biggest demon.... kinda like doing the Leadville 100 Mtb. race again. ;)   I hope my dramamine and ginger cookies do the trick.

Wish me luck and please send me positive mojo! I'll update my blog again after the flight... If I survive. :)



  1. Troy,
    I'm so excited and happy for you. What a wonderful opportunity! Hope you won't get tooo sick and don't pass out, You'll miss all the fun.

  2. I didn't get sick flying in the F-16 nor did I get sick when I rode Hardcore 100 (and I'm old!) So you will be fine

  3. I worked at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio who sold this beautiful plane to the world. I flew my first flight with a Belgian AF pilot. Interesting and fun (and a little motion sick). I was able to travel the world in negotiations selling the plane, but the thrill of my life will be this summer when we travel from OH out west - driving some - riding many miles across the states. Now I pray I don't get sick riding - you will be fine in the plane - it is a good smooth ride - have fun - embrace the experience and post your thoughts

  4. That sounds SO amazing. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    Jealous? You could say that.