Thursday, January 21, 2010

The life of this endurance coach is pretty busy these days. The travel schedule is picking up now with a trip to Milwaukee next weekend for the Mid West Multisport Expo. We're a sponsor of this second year event. I really like the idea of consumer expos during winter months. When I was living in Maryland and owned TriSpeed (two tri stores, one in Maryland and one in N. Virginia), we hosted the Mid Atlantic Multisport Expo for two years running. People could start thinking about the upcoming season and begin to get excited about racing again. This year, Spinervals is sponsoring four regional pre-season consumer multisport expos, the one in Milwaukee as well as Boston, Washington D.C. area and NYC. I'll give you more info on each event sometime soon.

Training is going well, at least for the bike and the run. Swimming... not so much. Time and motivation are getting in the way, darn it! I've been using my stretch cords lately for some dryland work, but there's really no substitute for getting in the water. I know , I know... suck it up, Coach Troy! I hear ya. On the flip side, the base work for the bike and run is going well and I'm feeling the endurance building back up. I hope to get some short races in over the months of Feb. and March to begin getting some race legs back. I think it'll take at least 3 races to feel 'speedy' and in the race groove again. I need to re-learn what it takes to 'dig deep' and suffer on the race course... to be 'on the rivet' (Phil Ligget) and reach into my 'suitcase of courage' (Paul Sherwin). Gotta love it!

That's all for now. Train smart!
- Coach Troy


  1. it will be very exciting to watch your come back. thanks for sharing!

  2. Please do some more Runervals DVD's. Also can you do some spinverals that are not so long, like you did in the Runervals. 45 minutes or less high intensity. I have 15 of your DVD's

    Stephen Chappell