Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Riding in the rain and World Spinning Conference

Back to the routine now after being away for a few days. Isn't it amazing how emails pile up quickly when you don't stay on top of it? If anyone has a secret on how to manage the email thing more effectively, I'm all ears! :)

Weather here in Tucson is a bit rainy with overcast skies and temps in the lower 60's. While not the best training weather, I know some of you would prefer this over having a foot of snow on the ground and blustery winds :). I'll feel like I'm riding in Belgium, getting ready for the spring classics (drizzle, cold, etc.). Today my hope is to get out for a ride, maybe a swim (ugh) and if time allows, a treadmill run this evening. I tell you what... training for racing really helps eliminate 'junk time' from the day's routine! If you waste a minute with inefficiency, you don't get everything completed. I guess that's why the busiest people are the most successful, eh?

In June, Spinervals will be sponsoring the World Spinning and Sports Conference at the Omni International Hotel in Miami! This will be my 3rd year at the event as a speaker and my first as a sponsor. We'll be sponsoring the welcome dinner, one in which several hundred people are expected to attend. This conference is a really great event for fitness professionals and indoor cycling enthusiasts. My hope is to 'bridge the gap' between the indoor group fitness cycling world and the 'indoor cycling for performance on the roads' world. We'll be training SPINNING instructors about how to leverage the 'Spinervals Method' of training so that outdoor riders get the most out of their indoor training. You can learn more about the WSSC 2010 by clicking here. I hope to see you there as we'll have a Spinervals booth at the expo.

Another cool series of events we're sponsoring is the Indoor Triathlon Series at Life Time Fitness. There are over 80 of these 1 hr triathlons (10 min swim, 30 min bike, 20 min run) at LTF centers around the country! I feel that you can get your 'race legs' by doing these short hard races... so if you're near a LTF, check one out... go to www.indoortri.com

That's all for now. Gotta write some programs, talk to some coaches and athletes and respond to several emails before hitting the road for a ride. Have a good one.

Train smart,
Coach Troy

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