Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training and more

Hi All. Travel for work has been minimal lately, which has been nice. Like all good things, this too must come to an end as I get back 'on the road' starting this coming weekend. Looking at the calendar it would seem I'll be spending MANY weekends at events or training camps. It's all good though... I enjoy what I do. I just wish that the teleporter from Star Trek was in development so that airline hassles could be taken out of the travel equation!

Last week was a groundbreaking week of training as I start to build some base. I compiled lots of solid time in the saddle, in preparation for being off the bike for several days this coming week while I travel.

My approximate weekly totals:
230 miles cycling
28 miles running
1 hr swimming :), 3000 yds

All miles were 'aerobic / zone 2-3' and I totaled just over 15 hours of work for the entire week. That was a lot for me now... and I felt some tweaks in my left knee as a result. After some icing, it's doing better.

Most of my running has been done at night on the treadmill. My cycling... out on the roads surrounding Tucson. I just started swimming, and in the hope to avoid shoulder injury after 4+ years of not swimming, I'm doing only about 1000 yds / workout for the time being. Yesterday I did 1250 yds.

Building base is all about being consistent, so being on the bike at least 5 times a week is the goal. Running too... 4 - 5 times per week and swimming, at least 3 times. Of course, 'real life' tends to interfere with the best laid plans... and 4 days of travel tend to limit opportunities to treadmill workouts and if lucky, some time on a hotel lifecycle. I do have a huge advantage in that when I go to a Life Time Fitness for work, I get to use the best training facilities in the world... but nothing beats the open roads with the Catalina Mountains in the background for riding!

I tell you what... due to my higher weekly training volume, I am eating like a horse! I noticed that I'm hungry a lot and crave sugary foods and other carbohydrates. Do you notice that same response to higher volume work? I stopped at the convenience store yesterday and bought a bag of strawberry Twizzlers, polishing off the bag in my car on the way home.

Above is a pic from yesterday from the pool deck in Oro Valley, looking up at the Catalina's as the sun begins to set. There are a few swim team practices in progress... what a great view!

Enjoy the day.
Train smart,
Coach Troy


  1. coach troy - you are awesome. i wish i could afford your camp in lousiville. i did IMKY last year and will be back in 2011. I am training for a 12 hour road race now and i'm on the bike 6 days a week. doing your videos, rollers, and any outdoor time i can get (i'm in ohio).

    IM training was crazy last summer. I ate a lot. ALOT. you can eat. your mileage on the bike in insane. 270 miles?

    so, who's going to kona in 2011 and will chrissie wellington beat you? and possibly lance? :)

    thanks for the blog. your on my blogroll now.

  2. Hi Judi,
    Thanks for joining! Congrats on your IM and good luck in 2011. The 12 hr RR will keep you busy with high volume too!
    I'm certain Chrissie W. will give EVERYONE a run for their money while leaving the likes of me 'in the dust'! She's so talented.

    Best of luck with your training and stay in touch!
    - Troy