Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi All. Day 5 - Post Op and things are going fine. The bandages came off to show a 6 inch nasty looking frankenstein scar (pic). Pain is minimal as the area is still numb from the surgery. I've hardly taken any pain meds, with the exception of ibuprofen and an infrequent dose of a prescription pain med before bed. This darn fractured rib hurts though! I had a minor sneezing fit and thought I broke more ribs! That, and my 2.5 yr old giving me little bear hugs around my neck and ribs probably set me back a little. :)

I'm pushing my limits with regard to activity, trying to do 1.5 hrs. of 'exercise' each day. I've been going for walks (sounds funny for me to say when I usually run!) of 40-60 minutes, in addition to starting to do 30-45 min spins on the trainer. I guess I'll need to pop in one of those darn Spinervals DVDs soon too. :) My hope is to regain enough form to participate in IMAZ in late Nov. for 'fun'. Really , it's to keep me focused and motivated to continue regaining form for the 2011 season. My expectations would be pretty low, with the main goal to experiment some with nutrition and get an Ironman under my belt. If I can get a solid 5-6 weeks of 'real' training in, it might be a possibility!

Thursday morning I leave for the Life Time Fitness Chicago Triathlon. This race has over 8000 participants and some of the top pros in the world! If you've never done the Chicago Tri, it's one to put on your bucket list. Stop by the Life Time Fitness or Spinervals booth to say hello!

Thanks again to everyone who has offered their support and well wishes during my recovery from the mtb. accident at Leadville!

Train smart,
- Coach Troy


  1. Nasty looking scar. I expect it will fade to where you can barely see it eventually.
    One of those is enough. No need to get another one.:)

  2. Doing IMAZ is a great idea! Obviously don't push it if your doctors are strongly against, but it seems like a very fun idea to have a race with no performance goal just to test things out and get a leg up on next year's season. I say go for it!

  3. Given your current predicament, I'm going to say that "Have Mercy" is probably a good one. If not you may have experience some "Tough love" or enter the "Pain Cave" for a "Sufferfest". That's enough bad-puns for now, hope you return to form soon.

  4. I shattered my collarbone on July 30th in a mountain biking accident as well, so it was nice to find your blog post. As someone who has cycled thousands of miles already this season, it is great to discover that I wasn't alone in my rush to get back on the trainer (on day 2 post op--much to the horror of my ortho doc and family/friends, lol), and back to my active life. Just a word of caution tho: my first surgery failed 5 days post-op. Two screws made their way out (very painful!), so I had to have a revision done 4 days later with a much larger plate and more screws. Now doc has demanded (on threat of dropping me as a patient) no exercise, no hiking, no trainer, no PT, constant sling wearing, for a whole MONTH post op. No fun. I'm heading towards week 3 and loss of my sanity (and conditioning! missed a 250 mile hill ride last weekend, super sad..). In any event, best wishes to you for a quick and successful recovery, hope yours goes better than mine:-)