Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Injury Status Update

A quick update on my injury status. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who emailed me their well wishes and hopes for a quick recovery. Your positive energy and encouragement is awesome!

This is pre-Leadville 100 race day pic of me and my friend/colleague and teammate from Life Time Fitness, Jeff Rosga. If you're ever in the Minneapolis area, be sure to attend one of Jeff's group fitness classes at the Chanhassen club...if you can get in! His classes fill up like none other.

The swelling on my left side from the impact of the crash is slowly starting to go away. I still have a huge hematoma on my left oblique/hip, and the whole shoulder region is still swollen, stiff and sore... but there's progress. Getting out of bed and taking a deep breath is still a chore due to the fractured rib on the left side. The collarbone area swelling is down too... so now you can see the edge of the bone pressing against the skin wanting to pop through. NICE visual, eh! :) If you think it sounds gnarly, you should feel it! :)

Surgery to fix it is scheduled for Friday at noon. Apparently it's a pretty simple procedure where they take a plate and pins to set the bones together. It's outpatient and takes 45-60 minutes. I'll be in la la land on pain meds Friday afternoon, so don't expect to get any quick email responses from me. :)

I've been trying to do some light activity the past few days to maintain my sanity, and my fitness. The past two days I've walked briskly on the treadmill at a 10% grade for 30-45 min. Today, I actually got on the road bike and spun around a little bit. I know... you're going to tell me not to do that and ride the trainer instead, right? My mother already gave me an ear full when I mentioned it to her...sheesh.:) I will stay on the trainer, once the break is mended. I figured falling off the bike pre-surgery can't break it any worse, right? It actually felt great... and my shoulder felt better on the bike than when in that damn sling.

Thanks again for your support and for sharing your own bike crash and recovery stories. I'm still bummed this happened before my 'A' race when the season was going so well... but I'll get over it and am already looking forward to racing again next year.

Train smart,
Coach Troy


  1. Feel better! Speaking from experience, broken ribs make moving and sleeping so hard. Grab what you can when you can. Heal fast.

  2. You will laugh! But there is where I got to
    know you (virtually) so well! During my shoulder surgery rehab on my trainer doing Spinerval DVDs! I cursed at you when you told me "If you need to throw up, just do it while you are soft pedalling" and laughed at the hilarity of me cursing the TV. So, the trainer is a great place to rehab shoulder surgery...and yes you do not want to put the time in now and you will be back on the road in no time! Good luck in your surgery on Friday. I will send up some positive thoughts and prayers!

    IF you want to see some of my posts about cursing at your spinervals workouts, you can go to
    and look in the archives in around Feb 2010 or so!

  3. I take it back . It was Nov 15th and is called, " I Cursed at Troy Jacobson Today!"
    See above link!

  4. Thanks Cece! I appreciate your well wishes and will check out your blog.

  5. Hey Coach Troy--I'd do the same thing and spin if I were you! Hope you are back n the bike soon, and that spinervals tortures you like it does me in the winter!

  6. Troy,
    glad you're on the mend! Appreciate you posting your recovery info, online.

    ride smart,