Monday, August 2, 2010

Ironman training is hard work...DUH!

Training for Ironman is a lot of work!... As if you guys didn't know that already, right?! :) I have to say now that I'm in the 'high volume' weeks of my training for IMWI in September, I have an even greater appreciation for everyone of you who has the guts and determination to toe the Ironman line. Don't get me wrong, I've done 15 IM's in the past and have coached hundreds of athletes to the finish line, but until you're "in the trenches" again and banging out the miles day after day, it's hard to truly realize and understand the dedication, patience and focus it requires. Kudos to all of you fellow IM athletes! (Pic of riders from our Louisville IM Camp last weekend.)

So, this past week was a big one for me with lots of time focused on running at an aerobic endurance pace. Those run miles are hard on the body, and the more I rack them up, the closer I feel like I am to getting hurt. For example, this past week I logged close to 50 miles of running with a good deal of riding too... and my two hour scheduled run on Sunday had to be cut a little short due to some hip and knee pain as the wheels started to fall off. Fortunately, with age comes wisdom and I didn't 'push through' the pain as I may have done 12 years today all is well again. There's a big lesson there... that is, listen to your body and save your "all or nothing" attitude for the race course!

This weekend we have our first annual Ironman Wisconsin Tri camp. Last weekend was our 4th annual Louisville Tri Camp. It's always fun to meet the campers from different parts throughout the country (And Canada) and train on these challenging IM bike and run courses.

Next week, I travel to Leadville CO for the Life Time Fitness Leadville 100 Mtn. bike race. As a coach, you ask? Well, yes... but also as a participant in my first ever Mountain bike race! I'll be looking to survive the tough conditions at 9000-12000 ft above sea level where temps can range from 30-90 deg. over the 100 mile off-road course. Other participants rumored to be there include Lance Armstrong, David Weins, Levi Leipheimer and former 2-time IM triathlon winner, Tim Deboom. I'd like to break 12 hours and get the bronze belt buckle! Should I run after the ride for IM training.... nah!!!! :)

After Leadville, which I hope to finish in one piece (fingers crossed), I'll do the Life Time Fitness Chicago Tri as a final tune up for Ironman.

I have really enjoyed getting back into race mode this year. I like having those race goals to help stay focused and competitive... it raises the bar in other areas of life too. Not to mention, it's personally rewarding and 'fun' to participate and also gives one a sense of gratitude for being able to swim , bike and run each day. Gotta love the multisport lifestyle!

Train smart,
Coach Troy

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