Thursday, September 9, 2010

Headed to Madison to watch Ironman

Kestrel Tri and Road bikes
Sitting here in the Denver airport waiting on my flight to Madison to watch Ironman this weekend. I'm a little bummed to be banged up and unable to race, but I'm glad at least be training again, even if at low levels. It's amazing how blah you feel when you're forced to take time off from exercise.

I'm flying out with my 'breakaway bike'. This foldable bike comes apart at the frame and fits into a case the size of a regular suitcase. You get to bypass the unbelievably high fees airlines charge these days... nice. The bike is built with an ultegra kit and the frame is made of steel , so it rides well and serves it's purpose. I look forward to riding parts of the course this weekend and cheering the racers!

My favorite bikes at the moment are in good shape at home, resting quietly at home in my garage on my wall. I love my Kestrel road and tri bikes. The road bike is built with a Dura Ace group and has compact cranks, which I enjoy spinning on long days in the saddle and recovery days. The frame is rock solid and stiff, while being light weight and forgiving... a great combination of attributes. I'm riding this bike exclusively now so as not to put undue pressure on the healing collarbone.

My tri-bike is the Airfoil Pro. Again, it's carbon, stiff for maximum energy transfer and lightweight. I posted some good times on it this summer at both Olympic distance and Half IM distance, so I'm very happy with it. If you're looking for a new steed in 2011... consider the Kestrel. Full disclosure... I am sponsored by Kestrel... but I make it a rule never to endorse a product unless I truly believe in it's quality and value.

If you're doing IMWI this weekend, be sure to stop by our Spinervals section in the Ironman store and say hello. I look forward to cheering for you as well on race day. And for everyone else fortunate enough to be racing and challenging themselves this weekend, good luck!

- Coach Troy


  1. Right there with you on the shelf Troy- had a race planned for this weekend but my hamstring disagreed. Totally understand the frustration of not being able to race! Get well soon. Love the bikes!

  2. My first good racing bike was a Kestrel. Did My first IM race on it. Now Heather has it. It's still a good bike. I ride it sometimes at her was a tri bike. Loved it, It had that stange geometry. And i had the skinniest tires. They held 150 lbs of pressure. I rode it just fine.

    I know you're bummed. I remember the year I scratched LP but was there for the start of the race. That was sort of tough. I like the swim . It was beautiful to watch but I felt like I should have been in the water instead of on the bank. Enjoy the beautiful climate that is forecast for the day.

  3. New follower. found u somehow (was a couple links ago) and glad I did. Enjoy Wisconsin...

  4. Healing takes time. Glad you are resting a bit. I am off to Moab next week to ride the Century Tour. I had planned to do this pre-accident and had to postpone it for 2 this will be sweet for me!

  5. Hi there! Nice bikes. Which framesize is the RT900?

  6. CANADIAN riders....keep in mind that KESTREL is now available in Canada! Contact Slipstream Athletics for information on a dealer near you.