Sunday, September 5, 2010

Recovery Report & Setting Goals

The road to recovery from my bike crash and surgery is coming along! Yesterday was a breakthrough day as I did a 50 mile road bike ride then ran 5 miles in the 100 deg. southern Arizona sunshine and heat. It felt great! I can tell my fitness took a few steps back, but it felt so good to get on the bike outdoors. And my run, even though the broken ribs still made things difficult, felt stronger and faster since I started running again last Wednesday.

I almost started to entertain the idea of starting IM Wisconsin this coming weekend, but then reality set in... I can't swim yet! Then I thought, "maybe I can swim with one arm and kick?". I then probably have enough base fitness to get through the bike/run in a respectable time. Hmmm.

Nah, I need to step back and let the body heal for a few more weeks before placing it under high stress levels/ workloads. I am planning to be as ready as possible for Ironman AZ, which is in less than 11 weeks now. If I can get back into the water in 2-3 weeks, I should be ready to go. I know my form won't be at peak, but I'm ok with that...just being able to participate will be a blessing!

I don't know about you, but for me ... having a goal is essential. When I crashed out at Leadville, I immediately knew that IMWI was out of the picture. Initially, I thought the entire season was over with, but decided to entertain the thought of getting ready to participate in IMAZ in late Nov. That goal gave me the 'push' do what I could to maintain fitness and get 'back on the horse' as soon as possible. Now, it's starting to feel like that racing IMAZ, and even regaining enough form to do well, is a strong reality. Ah, the power of setting goals. :)

Train smart,
Coach Troy


  1. Great example Coach Troy. What race are you going to target now that IMWI is out of the picture?

  2. Yes. After my accident,rehab and then surgery, I really had to re-think and set new goals. Since January I made a plan with little stepping stones and I have accomplished every one of them! They will culminate for this season with the Moab Century Tour and then another century herein ABQ for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society called The Day of the Tread. Goal setting is essential.

  3. Goals are what drive us toward success. Troy it was once told to me: Success is not what you accomplish but rather what you overcome.

    Be well,


  4. are definitely displaying alotta patience and's gotta be hard to not go out there and push hard...lesson for us all!