Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vegas, Interbike and Red Rocks

I'm just getting back from a few days at interbike, the bicycle and endurance sports industry trade show in Vegas. 

Interbike is a great time to catch up with industry friends, show new products, write orders and make new industry contacts.  Almost everyone in the U.S. and abroad who makes their living in the cycling world attends, flocking to "adult disneyland" to work and have fun.

Red Rock National Park, NV
I can take about two nights of Vegas and I need to escape.  On the strip, everything is so over the top, it makes my head spin.  The lights, the people, the music, the food... over stimulation to the basic senses.  While it's nice to indulge yourself a little , too much time can leave one feeling 'blah' and overloaded. 

I've discovered that the best way to cope with the strip for more than 2 days is to get away from it for a ride.  Now that i live in Tucson, I can easily drive the approximately 7-8 hr route with my bike.  My favorite interbike activity for the past couple of years has been to drive out to the Red Rocks National Park and do a 27 mile loop that has some of the most incredible desert mountain scenery!  It's amazing how the strip and everything overindulgent about it fades away when you're on the bike.  Below is a map of the ride if you'd like to give it a shot.

It's so nice to be home and away from the glitz and glam. I'm sure I'll look forward to my next 'vegas' excursion, but you can bet it'll only be for a maximum of two nights!

Train smart,
Coach Troy


  1. Question: I go to a trade show in LV every year called MAGIC which is an apparel show. Years ago, when things where booming (and I was partaking), every night was a scene. Legends where made and fortunes lost only to have the reset button hit at dawn. How is the night life for a sports related industry? I'm just curious. Thank you.

  2. i just got married at interbike! we stayed two nites in boulder city and 2 nites on the strip. im totally with you on the 2 day max for the strip. cx vegas was awesome too.