Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reflecting back on Ironman Weekend

Me near the finish line chute at IMWI.
I spent this past weekend watching Ironman Wisconsin and cheering for the over 2500 athletes racing, including around 1200 'iron virgins'.  It was a great weekend for the athletes and the fans as the spectacular weather allowed for course records to be broken and the town of Madison hosted another inspiring Ironman experience. 

It was awesome to see our 2010 IMWI campers gather prior to the pre-race banquet and course talk and then sit together once inside.  I saw everyone out on the course too, giving it their all and becoming Ironmen and Ironwomen.  Great job and congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!

As the official coaching partner for Ironman, I couldn't be more pleased as I had uninhibited access to the athletes before , during and after the race... and got to meet a ton of them one on one.  I am always humbled by how many people come up to me and thank me for making the Spinervals DVDs and tell me how much they help them with obtaining their race and fitness goals.  That is so cool!

The great thing about attending an Ironman event is the sense of extended family one gets.  Whether it's before or after the race, people are quick to say hello, ask how you're doing and what your goals are, or see how the race went for you.  Even in the airport to and from the race, you can tell who the triathletes are and quickly engage in friendly conversation.  If you've not yet attended an Ironman race as a racer or as a spectator, you should... you'd thoroughly enjoy and be inspired by the whole experience.

Next up for me is Ironman Kona in October.  My staff is going there too and we'll have an expo booth, promoting our services and products. In addition, we'll be shooting a new 'On the Road' virtual training DVD of the Kona bike course, so athletes can train on the course at home in their living room and get to know the Queen K Highway!

Train smart,
Coach Troy


  1. lookiing forward to seeing yu in Kona.

  2. Nice! Can you also simulate the semis going by at 60 mph and the 30mph crosswinds! Now THAT would be virtual training for the Queen K!

  3. Team spirit is a very powerful thing! We are very fortunate to know this feeling and have these friendships with those who care and support us.

    I am just about off to the Moab Century Tour this weekend. Looking forward to this and am going with friends "on the team" who have known me for years. Another great adventure.

    It looks like you are up and around and going strong! YOU ROCK!

  4. Hey Coach Troy - Sorry to hear about the accident. My husband was one of the doctors in the medical tent further down the course and he was watching for you! He heard about your crash and was glad to hear that you were basically OK - no life-threatening injuries.

    I'm training for IM AZ so maybe I'll see you there - would love to meet you! I've been doing Spinervals for the last year and feel they really help my training. But I keep doing the same one over and over again..."cycle and stride 10.0" I think. Any recommendations for a new one?

    Well, good luck with the training - hope to you in Tempe!

  5. Hi All. Thanks.
    Cindy, for ironman racing I like the threshold (14.0, 22.0, 32, 34) and aerobic endurance workouts (13.0, 30.0, 31.0) plus the 'on the road' series workouts to preview various courses. Good luck and be sure to say hello at IMAZ.

  6. Thanks very much! I'll get a few of these videos...hoping to do one of your training camps in the spring too.

  7. Coach Troy - Are these dvd's in the competition group or fitness...I'm not finding them on your site (the ones you recommended above, threshold 14, 22, etc). Sorry!
    Thanks much!